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    Discover Rockstar's most popping recent video games!

    America's influential video game production house: ROCKSTAR , has released some new video games which are very cool! Check out some of the most popping of them:

    1. LA NOIRE

    LA NOIRE is a game in which you reincarnate the body of a police officer who is being promoted to a detective....but nevertheless you got a town in front of you full of combats, car thefting and so much more!!!! check it out.

    2. GTA V

    Yesss, my fellow gamers we have come to the BIGGEST ONE!!!! It is the most successful product of Rockstar games so far. It's huge free world takes you to paradise with it's three main characters: Franklin, Trevor and Micheal! check it out.

    3. MAX PAYNE 3

    Max Payne 3 is a proof that Rockstar can do both linear gaming and open-world gaming! Get into its' world full of bullets up and down.  Max Payne 3 is the best of the trilogy, though it's not perfect. Come try its sensation my dear gamers!!!


    This little classic piece of creativity by Rockstar game production is so cool. The bully you incarnate here prefers to be a school pest than a criminal. Though not perfect it's little world has a superbe subject matter. check it out.
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