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    Reasons why ‘WAKA RADIO’ is one of AFRICA’S Top cultural shows to look up to!

    'W.A.K.A. Radio' is a radio show which is written, hosted and produced by Tito Valery; a TV/Radio personality, photographer, art curator, audio-visual producer and motivational speaker.
    Tito Valery
    W.A.K.A is an acronym meaning 'Where African Knowledge Applies.' The word 'waka' is a local Cameroonian slang meaning, "to walk." WAKA is also used to qualify something that is functional.

    "I'm a staunch believer in Africa's potential to be the driving force of a new and healthy version of the world. It's the idea of motion, of mobility, of advancement that convinced me that WAKA would best coin the spirit of the show."- Tito Valery(Host and producer of the show)
    Tito Valery
    The mission of 'WAKA Radio' is to celebrate African urban culture. Its icons, its achievers, its trends, its sounds and its words. More so, to promote events, artists and initiatives. Guest co-hosts and consultants for the show so far have been Kelly White(co-host of Jambo on Canal 2) and Laeticia Loe(incharge of communication at Cameroon Cultural Center). 

    The live bi-weekly show, which airs Tuesdays and Fridays, on Afrik2 radio Yaoundé. 105.0 FM, from 14:30 - 16:00, touches a wide range of topics. From ancient and modern contemporary African literature, to reviewing the evolution of Urban African music. WAKA observes the African art scene with cross views from invited household guests who know and act on the continent. The show is for all those who love Africa and those who wish to know more about the continent.

    The show has seen a wide range of national, pan-african and international personalities: 
    Oumou Sangare--Female Malian music icon and entrepreneur, 
    Soumbill--Ivorian singer, 
    Singuila Franco--Congolese RnB singer, 
    Jean Pierre Bekolo--Cameroonian film director renown for movies like 'Quartier Mozart' and 'Les Saignantes',
    Fotemah Mba--former VP Konvict music, now ceo of JUMP Africa, 
    Dzekashu Charles Mcviban--writer and founder Bakwa Magazine, 
    Fabien Multhaler-- director of Goethe institute Cameroon, 
    Florian Nguimbis--blogger and culture head of French institute, 
    Adah Akenji--video director, song writer and singer, 
    HOPE--American Jazz quartet, 
    Jesse Happi--writer and philanthropist, 
    Joel Esso--cartoonist, 
    Daniel Eog--soul singer, 
    Wax Dey--afropop award winning singer, 
    Nabil 4real--rapper, 
    Blaise Etoa--Orange Cameroon, 
    Eshu Le proprio--actor, 
    Mic Monsta--Artist
    and several others, check out the photos below.

    There's an active Twitter account for the show; (@Waka_Radio_), through which they promote and link artists from different boards. 

    WAKA is launching in a few weeks its youtube channel called 'WAKA TV.' The Friday show is video recorded, and it will be edited to produce a 10 minute video highlight podcast. This will give a unique inside visual experience to their growing audience and hopefully create a core followership. In the long run WAKA will be definitely organizing motivational talks, meet and greet events with artist and more. The show is also going to be broadcasted online through a recent partnership with Ndole radio.

    "Our ultimate goal is to be the most influential cultural African show, proposing a multifaceted Africa, unbiased opinions on key subjects relevant to the continent."- Tito Valery(Host and Producer of the show)

    You wouldn't want to miss out on all the knowledge and insight the program has to offer so make sure to stay tuned!! For all inquiry:

    Contact on Twitter: @Waka_Radio_ & @Titoval 

    Facebook: Tito Valery 

    Email: Chifdaz@yahoo.com

    Or call: +237 675396767 
    Tito Valery and Jovi

    Singuila, Tito Valery

    Tito Valery, Wax Dey and others

    Fotemah Mba, Tito Valery

    Camair Drone Boy, Tito Valery and others

    Jesse Happi

    Oumou Sangare

    Tito Valery and LSM rap group

    Tito Valery and Zambo

    Tito Valery and Blick Bassey

    Tito Valery and Jean Paul Bekolo

    Tito Valery and Sanzy Vianny

    Tito Valery and Alain Foka

    Tito Valery and Nabil IV Real

    Landry Mbassi

    Tito Valery and Imane Ayissi

    Tito Valery and Mic Monsta

    Hope Jazz


    Tito Valery and Locko

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