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    Live Ambe's listening party for his album; 'La Star'

    Camer's favorite bafut boy; Ambe, launched his album with a listening party on the 30th of June at 'La Place Clichy', Douala. He gave his fans, friends, colleagues and well wishers, a first hand listen to 'La Star.' The event was hosted by Camer actress; Ruth Nwenti. She introduced the audience to the event, apologized for the late start(the event was scheduled for 7:30pm but started at 9:30pm) and ushered Ambe 'La Star' in.

    "I am short of words..lost for words...I apologize for coming late, thank you guys for coming, sorry for coming late, had a lot of things on my mind, thank you guys for coming"- Ambe uttered those words with so much emotion and sincerity that we all in the audience could feel. He was over joyed by the presence of everyone in the hall, he walked around giving handshakes and warm hugs to those present, thanking them for honoring his invitation.

    He started off with the most popular track on the album; 'Rendezvous.' He said the song was inspired by his hometown; Rendezvous in Bamenda. It describes his ambitions as an artist. He gave credit to the video director of the song; Dante Foxx, who was at the event. He thanked Dante Foxx for believing in him from the beginning of his career and for directing 4 of his videos so far.

    He moved on to the next song; 'Les filles de mon pays.' He said he received a lot of backlash from his female audience after releasing the song last year, but that it was inspired by all the beautiful girls in his country. He gave credit to the producer of the song; PhillBillBeatz of Rythmz. He was unfortunately absent for the event. He said they both co-wrote the song.

    The next song; 'Better boyfriend' he said was inspired by girls who have been hurt before. He gave credit to DJ Karl for producing the song.

    'Double Double' the next song on the album, he said was inspired by the fact that he had been struggling so hard to achieve success in his career as an artist and he finally made it. He moved from rendezvous in Bamenda, to yaounde, to South Africa, Nigeria and now his blessings are coming in double double! He gave credits to the producer of the song; PhillBillBeatz.

    'Ali', the title of the next song means 'success' in hausa. He said it was inspired by the success he has recorded so far. He gave credit to the producer; DJ Pazzo, who was present at the event.

    The next song on the album; 'Heart rubber' he said was inspired by beautiful girls that spend much money on their hair, clothes and shopping and who make guys fall in love with them meanwhile they are only after their money.

    'Debou' is a song to make people dance!

    The next song 'petit a petit' featuring Xmaleya, who were unfortunately absent, Ambe said was a motivational song to let people know that everything starts from small. He gave credit to the producer; DJ Shine.

    Ambe said 'Because I Love You', the next song on the album is a love song for the ladies. He gave credits to the producer; Softouch.

    The next song, 'Vero' was also inspired by women, he said.

    On the next song 'Dbou' remix, which features DucZ, Ambe called DucZ, who joined him to perform the song and thrill the audience.

    The next song 'pkata pkata' was produced by the hit maker, Winney, who was unfortunately absent.

    Ambe revealed that there was going to be a grande concert for the album in the future, so we are anticipating!

    The audience had the opportunity to listen to the other tracks on the album, food and more drinks were served, CDs were dedicated(signed by Ambe), photos were taken, and there was merry making! It was a fun night!

    Distinguished guests at the event were Kelly White, Featurist, Jules Nya,Sama Ndango,DJ Pazzo, DJ Shine, Nabil IV Real, Daphne, Dante Foxx, DucZ, Mr Leo, Blaise B, Minks, Pol'Anry, Coolkid just to name a few.

    You can grab your copy of the album online HERE
    Check out the photos below:
    Mr Leo and Ambe

    Mr Leo

    Featurist and Ambe

    DucZ and Ambe

    Blaise B



    Dante Foxx

    DJ Pazzo

    Kelly White, Frida Fara and Dexther

    Ruth Nkwenti



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