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    "Its not easy for a female artiste to make an album"- Naomi Achu speaks!

    American based Cameroonian artiste; Naomi Achu had an exclusive chat with us on her brief visit to Cameroon where she shared her excitement upon the release of her new album and her experiences in her journey in the entertainment industry so far. Naomi Achu has been in the entertainment scene for a very long time now. She has worked on 3 major musical projects and she recently released her second major studio project which is an album titled "Long Live The Queen." That title sounds like an ego trip right? LOL but its not even like that!

    From one of her songs, 'Alhadji' she called herself the Queen of Bamenda, referring to her relentless allegiance to her roots in Santa; North West Region. Many of her fans picked on the name and it since became her nickname. So in a quest to title the album, her husband came up with the title 'Long Live the queen.' She immediately grabbed it as the title of the album because it represents all who she is and wants to be; daring, resilient, pushful, aggressive towards achieving her goal gracious and memorable.

    The album is a fusion of different musical genres; Afro-pop, makossa, Reggae, Hiphop and pop. She collaborate with 3 artistes in the album; Pardon C of Nigeria, Indo Baba of Nigeria and Pastor George Okudi(Kora Award winner) of Uganda.

    She particularly expressed genuine content in finally releasing the album because of the challenges that female artists and entertainers face in the entertainment industry. "Its not easy for a female artist to make an album, because we have possibilities and are sometimes pressured to sell ourselves in many ways, so I'd like to congratulate myself. Sometimes the men don't take you serious, sometimes they want an extra favor, so you have to work extra hard. There is also the issue of identity crisis, sometimes you are stuck in between who you are versus who people want you to be."

    When asked if she'd like to collaborate with any Cameroonian artists she had a long list of names which included Wes Madiko, Jovi, Lady Ponce, Charlotte Dipanda, Mr Leo, Numerica and several more.

    You can listen to the album HEREHEREHERE, or HERE. There are 3 videos out which are off the album, check them out below:

    Keep up with Naomi Achu on social media:
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    Twitter: @NaomiAchu
    Instagram: @iamnaomiachu
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    Website: www.naomiachu.com     
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