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    Dex Willy releases mixtape titled, 'From Nothing to something'

    From the intro, track 01, Dex Willy introduces himself once more and official demand for understanding from those he has wrong since his debut, his haters, and those that loves him and hopefully ended with a soft and sincere voice accompanied by a DJ Bozzeur’s instrumentals. A non-believer of mankind’s courtesy, he calls for truth, hard work and ended up with a credit to all his producers.
     “When you in this world, you are out for your destiny, nobody is    gonna tells you what you have to do… just be you, only you, trust in lord…put him at the first place of what you are doing…”
    From track 02, Don’t Blame Me, Dex Willy shows his emptiness and preach of mistakes not a virtue of life committed by every human being intentionally and a faith which no one can run from. I’M UP, track 03, we could called it the “from nothing to something” title song because of storyline and sense.
    Recalling his days in the dirty city of Mvoomeka, where he was originally born, and 70% of his lyrics are a reflection of his life back in the ghetto. The softness of Dex’s innocent’s voice in Track 04 “Moon Light” preaching “have mercy”, will paint a pitiful imagery of how Dex’s life has been to what he is today at the age of  24. You will as well get that direct face to face off microphone reaction of Dex to those that said he won’t make it in “ESC” Track 10. The entire mix tape is a resume of a ghetto kid story culminating to “One By One” track 07 that Dex is leaving his past and celebrating his success and fortunes.

    Special regards and thanks to FABRICE NGONDI to DJ BOZZEUR, to my brothers: FRANCK EINTEIN and LEO KURTIS, to my parents for always been there, to the whole SMB TEAM in the world, my graphic designers: WOLF PICTURES, ERIC LEMELKA and to all my friends… to you my fans “FROM NOTHING 2 SOMETHING” the mix tape is to bring better appreciation to my music.

    Click to download 'From nothing to something mixtape' by Dex willy
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