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    Daphne receives backlash on Facebook for sharing sexy photo!

    One of the reigning voices in the Camer music scene right now; Daphne, received unsolicited insults by people on the comment section of her Facebook page for sharing a sexy throw back photo of herself on the beach. Check out the photo below:
    She was called all sorts of names by people who think because there is freedom of speech on social media, they have the right to throw insults at people. When I read through the comments, I was just disgusted. The level of hypocrisy in Cameroonians is just alarming. People will go under Daphne's post and call her all sorts of names when they have half naked photos of Rihanna or Beyonce on their walls. She was dressed appropriately, given her location, she was at the beach! Even if she wasn't at the beach, she has the right to express herself however way she pleases with her outfits. People really need to stop dictating what women should or shouldn't wear. When male artistes share photos with no clothes on, people don't go to their comment section to insult them, but when it is a female, they think they have the right to dictate how she should dress. Absolute rubbish! Daphne you are beautiful and incredibly talented, dress to impress no one else but yourself! Check out screenshots of the comments:

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