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    Richard Bona curses Universal Music!

    Veteran Cameroonian award winning artiste, Richard Bona, had a record deal with Universal music, one that he terminated some years back and he has been independent ever since. But apparently, Universal Music is not done with him. They are trying to ruin his career by restricting access to his videos on YouTube. Richard Bona took to his Facebook to address the situation and expose Universal Music. This is what he posted:

    I am really getting tired of your dirty games in the dark.
    Fuck All You Motherfuckers...Like i am scare of you???
    Shit..When they can't control you, Still They try to take you down.
    From a PROMOTER in ASIA...
    "Mr Bona, When we upload the video on Youtube, it's auto-blocked by Universal Music".
    Listen now...I will say this again.
    I am No Longer With (You) Universal since 2009...
    I am independant and loving it...deal with it...And Leave me the fuck Alone...
    Why are you auto blocking my Stuff on youtube??...You can Block the old stuff as you regulary do..That's OK...But You can't block my new stuff...NO NO NO...You've got the one wrong guy...
    Are you gonna block my LIVE shows too??? hahaha...
    You are A-GO-NI-ZING on your way out anyway and i will toast a champagne on your grave
    Mark my words...
    And this is my last Warning to you on your Auto-Block whatever on me...Cause when i block you back, It ain't gonna go good.
    I AM FREE yes I AM FREE with $$$... Don't hate me...
    For those who are trying to school me how to address this ( BS diplomacy, politely )...Please...Give me a damn break.
    Question is,Did i do my job? yes...Now OWNERSHIP.
    4 Albums in Contract???
    4 Albums Delivered all in Time...+ a LIVE one(total 5).
    One grammy nomination
    One victoire de la Musique
    One grand Prix Sacem
    One gold record...
    Now what else do you want from me????
    It's you are either with them or they want you out
    Well i will show you the real way out of this Game.
    You created the Game, I mastered your Game..."

    Hope this serves as a lesson to all upcoming acts out here! Most of this major record labels have a long history of exploiting their artistes and ruining them when they have no more use for them.
    screenshot from his facebook post

    screenshot from his facebook post

    Screenshot from his facebook post

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