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    Movie Trailer: Ndolo & The Senator

    'Ndolo and the Senator' is a film that was told with the aim of holding a mirror to everyone's face, meaning it unveils the activities of the government as well as the people. Yes, the people blame the government but really who is the government? "The government is just a reflection of the people" The objective of the movie is just to let every single citizen know that the change that they seek so bad will come when they all take accountability, responsibility and be proactive. Change is not necessarily made by the rich and those who live in affluence, reasons why Ndolo; a simple, lower class citizen is the character that represents the change that can be made. Also, Ndolo and the Senator is not just about good governance and citizenship, its also a story of love, questionable love and how love can make one's moralistic principles go away in a heart beat. The movie will be premiered in Cameroon next year, and of course Beta Tinz will keep you posted! Click below to watch the trailer for the movie:

    Production Company: Edge Media Productions
    Producer: Mbango Adambi
    Writer/Director: Gordon Che
    DOP: Nick Angwafor
    Mbango Adambi ---as-- Ndolo
    Frank Artus --as-- Carl
    Kelechi Eke --as-- Senator Frederick Massango
    Jasmine Roland --as-- Desiree
    Sunnyfield Okezie --as-- Joseph
    Don Okolo --as-- Mr Nanga
    Edith Pikwa --as-- Brenda
    Eko Lionel --as-- Yannick
    Ruth Taku --as-- Judith
    Praxedes Wara --as-- Stella
    Mildred Kwasima --as-- Adelle
    Samson Tarh --as-- Jeff
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