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    New fashion trend: The Flash tattoo!!

    Flash tattoos are trending especially since celebs like Beyoncé are rocking them! she even recently launched her own line of Flash tattoos. So what are flash tattoos? They are graphic images, mostly of jewelry inspired designs, made in sparkly gold or silver. They come engrossed on a paper with a clear plastic covering. To wear it, the plastic covering is peeled off revealing the tattoo on the paper, which is then placed on the part of the body where the owner wants the tattoo to be. With a damp cloth or sponge placed on it for about 60 seconds the tattoo would have completely adhered to the skin and the paper is pulled off the skin. The tattoos are temporary and they last 4-6 days. check out some images below of flash tattoos:
    Beyoncé in Flash tattoo from her collection

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