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    New Bell Music reveals why Jovi did not attend the MAMAs.

    New Bell music releases a statement that explains why Jovi was absent at the MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban this evening. This is the statement:

    Yaoundé, 18 July 2015
    We were shocked to read the “press release” that Mrs. Magali Palmira Wora took the liberty to broadcast on her personal Instagram account on behalf of MTV Africa Francophone zone. This is a statement to restore the truth.
    Our artist, Jovi, will not be present at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2015 in Durban on Saturday 18 July.
    Indeed, Jovi has been notified of his formal invitation Thursday, July 9, 2015 in the evening. However, the High Commissioner of South Africa in Yaoundé, states that any visa application takes 5 working days, so it was not possible for New Music Bell’s team take the necessary steps in time for our artist.

    The formal invitation was sent by Mrs. Melanie Triegaardt, head of MTV Africa programs with which Ms Rachel Burks, Vice President of New Bell Music is in direct contact. Ms. Burks has also notified the Committee that Jovi could not be present that day due to the late submission of the official invitation, to which they replied in due form.
    It is unfortunately no surprise to read the defamatory statements of the individual against Jovi, since a few months ago Mrs. Palmira Wora wrote a formal letter to New Bell Music threatening to withhold the release of Jovi’s clips. These threats were sent to executive members of New Bell Music and other media personalities on behalf of another Cameroonian artist which we will not name. We do not know the relationship of Madame Palmira Wora with the artist or the underlying reasons that led her to such comments, but we will not tolerate interference or blackmail, nor the threat of any foreign media representative from abroad.
    We are a Cameroonian independent label whose first and main goal is music production. Therefore, we do not want to be involved in any way with little battles of people who lack professionalism. All relevant letters were sent to the direction of MTV Africa including this release that forced us to express ourselves in public on this matter. We hope that the channel will take the necessary measures for this individual because it is obvious that we can not work with people who lack respect for artists and music labels which are nevertheless the essence of the industry.
    Moreover, we strongly demand to Ms. Palmira Wora to withdraw her remarks and to stop what is starting to take a form of harassment and  against our artist and not to utter defamatory risk to see us take legal action to enforce our rights.
    Finally, Jovi strongly regrets not being able to attend the ceremony MAMA and thanks you from heart all his fans and supporters who voted for him energetically in recent weeks. Currently he is in a period of mourning and is with his family and relatives, and he wishes good luck to fellow artists.
    New Bell Music
    Press Release of Magali Palmira Wora
    “Release : For reasons beyond their will Dj Arafat and Tour 2 GArde will not attending the MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS where they are nominated in the Best Francophone category. The Embassy of South Africa in Abidjan has not given visas to the artists despite their well-completed files and MTV interventions to facilitate the visa application. As a Francophone representative of MTV Base Africa, we are saddened strong.
    Moreover, since his nomination we have received no return of the artist Jovi. So we can not speak on its presence or its absence.
    However Toofan (Togo), Laurette Pearl (DRC) and Stanley Enow (Cameroon) are indeed present in Durban. SEE YOU TONIGHT #MAMAS”

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