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    6 Reasons Why ladies love Stanley Enow!

    Kamer's finest 'Etangti mo' manyang' - proud Banyangi boy is undeniably a 'Ladies' Man'. During his performances ladies go crazy! I remember at one of his concerts, at Parcours vita, when he jumped off the stage into the crowd, this lady ran off from the crowd into his arms in a long hug! I bet many others would have loved to be in her shoes at that instant but lacked the guts to do what she did. These are five reasons why LLSE (Ladies Love Stanley Enow):

    1- He is fine
    Show me a girl who is not attracted to a fine boy and I will show you a girl that is blind. Stanley is tall, dark, cute and he has sexy abs. Who wouldn't fall for that? 

    2- He serenades women via his lyrics
    In his premiere hit song, "Hein pere", he said; "Don petite soeur I go take you for Lakam..." and in another bar in the song he said ; "Don petite soeur wanna get rich at all cost..." Any girl can identify with that. Every girl would want to be that 'Don petite soeur' he is talking about. He would have used less appreciative adjectives like 'chap' or 'Ngah' but he choose 'Don petite soeur' which means 'My favourite girl' . Isn't that sweet... 
    Stanley Serenading female fan in paris

    3- He is an Amazing performer
    He literally blazes his audience when he is on stage. His energy translates through out the crowd. He is very dynamic on stage. His interaction with the crowd is pleasurable. He gets them to gladly sing along with him. His lyrics and rap style are Lady-friendly. Every girl who loves music can rap all his songs.
    A thrilled crowd at a Stanley Enow concert in Maryland, USA

    4- He is educated
    Unlike many other Rappers, Stanley Enow didn't drop out of school but pursued his education through to the university level. He graduated from the University Of Douala with a Bsc in Communication and he plans to go higher in the academic ladder. 

    5- He is Eloquent
    He fluently and eloquently speaks four languages; English, French, Pidgin English and kenyang perfectly!

    6-He has a generous soul
    Through his foundation he has donated gifts to several kids, while encouraging them to stay in school. 
                          All these make Stanley Enow to stand out as an Artist and as a 'Ladies Love'!
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