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    Who is Jovi throwing punches at?

    Jovi took to his twitter to say that his record label, 'New Bell Music' is the only record label making music in Cameroon and that all the other ones are just wasting time and that very soon, time will catch up with them! O_O Yes! that is how surprised i was when i read the tweet! So was he by any means implying that Stanley Enow, Magasco, Gasha, X Maleya, Duc'Z, Daphne, Locko, Numerica, Krotal and the other phenomenal artists we have in the country are not making music? O_O ...Oh well, several reactions were spurred from fans who did not approve his utterance. One that caught my eye was from 'Ekilin Entertainment' boss, Ekili Prince, boss who responded to the 'mboko god' aka Jovi's tweet by accusing him of using poor English language and calling him out on his behaviour. Jovi responded by saying that his reaction didn't spur any regret on his part and Tilla, aka the godmother(a New Bell Music signee) also jumped in to support her boss. It was messy! Peep the screenshots below:
    Jovi's tweet

    reaction 1

    reaction 2

    reaction 3

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