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    Discover Cameroonian Rapper, 'Blueprint Hakeem'


      Tse Neba Ngu aka Blueprint Hakeem is a Cameroonian rapper, journalist, portrait artist and head of the record label Nebangu Muzik. He is best known for his 2012 single "Daddy hate my swagga", 2013 single "ma head di hot" and 2015 single "Ngomgham BWAII".
             Blueprint Hakeem was born in Bafoussam , the West Region of Cameroon. He is Bafut from the North West Region.
           Tse grew up in Bamenda, the capital of the North West Region , where he completed his primary education at PNEU, secondary school at Presbyterian Secondary School Bafut, high school at Cameroon Protestant College Bali, and Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology Bambili.
            He enrolled in the University of Dschang to study law but later graduated in 2010 with an HND and first degree in Journalism and mass communication from the 'Our Savior Institute of Science Arts and Technology', Enugu, Nigeria and the 'University of Buea' respectively. Both certificates taken as overseas programs via the National Polytechnic Bambui, Bamenda. Blueprint  started his music career as a break dancer in primary school, with Michael Jackson being his mentor. He moved parents and his fellow classmates on every graduation stage. He also designed masks, boats and cars for drama on PNEU graduation days.
           During his primary school days he was super talented with sports and arts in general. He won prices every year as best arts and craft pupil and also best pupil in poetry.At a tender age of 8, he qualified to join Zion Motion Pictures, a movie group at the time. He was the youngest. South African based Cameroonian RnB singer Wax Dey was also an actor in this group. Wax played de guitar while Blueprint played the piano for the movie soundtracks.
           Blueprint started writing lyrics and rapping at 12, while in PSS Bafut, after being taught how to rhyme a verse by his classmate Voma Paul. He later got exposed to cable tv by his dad and he got carried away by Nas, who till date, remains his best rapper.
         Hakeem released his first single "daddy hate my swagga" in June 2012, giving him exposure and being looked upon by many as Cameroons strongest up coming rapper.
          Hakeem released "Ma head di hot" ft Young Fame, his younger brother, as the second single from his upcoming debut studio album, T.R.O.C.  'Ma head di hot' became Blueprints strongest sound ever heard by his fans as it strayed away from soft sounding music, to banging club beats. It garnered him to the eyes of other rappers, DJs and radio and tv personalities. It led Hakeem  to be contacted from London by Ndeh Ntumazah entertainment to perform at the "Bamenda Yes We Can Show", which featured veteran Ivorian musicians like Borosangui and Dj Jacob and Cameroonian rapper, Stanley Enow.
          In 2014, Blueprint put the T.R.O.C album project on pause and decided to team up with his brother Young Fame to release their upcoming mixtape, Roc de Mic. Two videos were shot to be released as singles to power the project. 'La la' was released as an audio and 'Ngomgham BWAII' which is the talk on every lip popped out as a video.
          The heat of Ngomgham BWAII made Hakeem perform to be booked as one of the major artistes to perform at the Dj Arafat concert, at the municipal stadium, Bamenda.
              At moment 'La la' video is still being edited and will be released before Roc de Mic mixtape hits online stores.
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