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    Karen Igho Murders Yvonne Nelson On Twitter!!

    Yesterday evening, insulting and provocative tweets came from Yvonne Nelson's account.Here they are:

    'How i miss gobbling on @inyanya z ballz'
    '@SkalesEME dead guy *vomits*'
    '@karen_igho Fake boobs no wonder you don't have a BF'
    'All Nigerian celebs are full of shit'
    Yvonne Nelson then tweeted with the same account:
    'My account has been hacked'
    We all know Karen is real and impulsive so she snapped back with the following tweets:
    'I'm too busy to even want to insult anyone only attention seekers would do that'
    'Attention seekers claiming their account was hacked!that's a lame ass excuse for a publicity stunt!grow up'
    'Whats your name again? who the beep cares, maybe you should get your dried up boobs done and then musicians would stop dumping your boney ass'
    'Oops! my account was hackd too'
    Clearly, Karen is not buying the 'my account has been hacked story'. so far YN has not retweeted on the issue...She should have her reasons why though. Personally i think that after YN discovered that her account was hacked, if it was hacked, she should have sent prsonalised tweets to the celebs insulted in excuse for the incident, instead of the general message she sent saying that :
    'To all those who's names were mentioned....the insults were not from me.....my acc was compromised...sorry for any inconvenience..... Yn*'
    Well whatever....life goes on right!

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