Meet Cameroonian artiste; Gima!

Gima Jackson Kebila A.K.A Gima was born on the 7th February 1994 in Buea. He attended secondary and high school at G.H.S Batoke and G.B.H.S Bali. He later on went to PAID- WA in Buea where he was reading marketing and advertisement.

Though he could not complete his studies, his childhood dream was to become either a President, Minister, Bank manager or to do any other white collar job. Gima who is from a polygamous home grew up with his parents in Douala until they parted ways. He later on moved to Limbe with his dad.
Haven grown in a Christian home, his mum who was a member of English choir in P.C Bonamoussadi may her soul R.I.P always received acclamations when she sang in church.

Then, he realised that he could sing too. In 2005, him and his brother Bobga who is now a pastor, created a group called J.F. They did freestyle and had big dreams for the group. P-square were their idols so they followed their footsteps from dancing to singing. After doing ‘Nkonu Titi & Chekele,’ the…

The International Community applauds Cameroon's efforts in fighting Boko Haram.

The International Community applauds Cameroon's efforts in fighting against Boko Haram and separatists. Watch video:

Meet Mr Wilhelm Muhr, the German who is actively involved in promoting showbiz in Cameroon!

Mr. Wilhelm Muhr, is a German in his mid fifties, a husband to an African lady, and an entrepreneur. Due to his love for Cameroonian culture and lifestyle, he decided to create a record label called AfriCam Records International Limited. AfriCam Records International Limited is a registered music label that was created a few years back with head quarters in Limbe. It's aim is to promote show business in Cameroon and Africa. The label's activities are not limited to music alone. AfriCam also promotes, fashion, modeling and dance...everything that portrays the rich African culture that the youth enjoy so much. AfriCam has sponsored showbiz events like the Cocowols International Fashion Festival, and FIAFA. They just released the video of a song titled 'Killer With' featuring Magasco. Watch:

Fotso Victor pledges 1 Billion frs!

After employing thousands of Cameroonians via his multiple businesses, building homes for government administrators, creating a higher institute of education(Fotso Victor University Institute of Technology Bandjoun-University of Dschang), and fulfilling other serviceable acts to the country, one of the richest business men in Cameroon; Fotso Victor, pledges to contribute 1 Billion frs for the construction of a cathedral in Bafoussam.  The cathedral is already in construction and it's cost was evaluated at 6 Billion frs. On Saturday May 11th, Fotso Victor promised to contribute 1 Billion frs to it's construction within a span of 2months

New Music: Melcube - Somtin ft Paa Kwasi (Cameroon – Ghana Collaboration)

Rapper Melcubeis on to greater things these days ahead. When was the last time we heard of a Cameroonian-Ghanian Collaboration?. Yup, the "Ovasabi" crooner features one of Ghana's music hot act - Paa Kwasi in a new jam titled - Somtin.  “Somtin” is a song about the African woman, her beauty and voluptuous body. Produced by MorningStar, the afrobeats/highlife track was written in Twi, Pidgin and English by Ghanaian artist Paa Kwasi and Cameroonian rapper/producer Melcube. In the single the artists express their love for the African woman, her beauty, body and swag. They both express that she has got "Somtin" they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with, protect and die for on a high tempo beat that is sure to have you on your feet and dancing. Released under the Cameroonian label Mic Maniacs Music Group, “Somtin” is the first official single off the upcoming album from the artist Melcube who also doubles as the producer “MorningStar

There not much of h…

New Music: Claude Doe- Bobe (Produced By Boy Tag)

It's yet another street anthem in quick succession by the Kamer Pidgin Trap king CLAUDE DOE. The Cameroonian rapper who announced his album release months back has been busy chocking his fans with back to back hits building up anticipation for his promised album'Married To The Game'. Not long after a double release (WWU & Them No Tell You All), Claude Doe is here with another master piece this time titled BOBE, a combination of his pidgin trap vibe and the traditional afro pop vibe. Produced by Boy Tag and performed by Claude DoeBOBE is most likely the song that will take over Cameroonian clubs during the second half of 2019. Don't be the last to have it on your playlist.

New Music: Emmanuella F- Arise and Shine

Emmanuella F. is a gospel singer originally from a small town in Bambili, in the North West Region of Cameroon and now based in the Lone Star state of Texas. Since giving her life to Christ, Emmanuella F. has been singing and leading several church choirs. She is also a graduate Nurse from the University of Buea, a Masters in Public Health graduate from the University of Utah and now an individual Life Insurance Agent among other certifications. For years, Emma convinced herself that recording songs in a studio was not her call.
She was contented with ministering and blessing the saints with her unique anointed voice and dance whenever she had the opportunity to minister at church gatherings and communities. It was not until 2017 when she was convicted by the Holy Spirit into recording her first single titled “Arise and Shine.” Working with the phenomenal Nigerian Producer Wale Owoade, the producer for the widely known Hallelujah Praise and Testimony by Pandita Njoh and Pst. Joy Forz…

New Music: Pmartt ft Maniac- Suya

Talented fast rising star "Pmartt, comes through with a brand new anthem titled “Suya” produced by Maniac who also featured in the track. Pmartt endorses the beauty of women in a spicy way. This song is engineered for all the Afropop music lovers of Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa in General. Suya is skewered and available for your consumption. Click below to listen and enjoy:
Follow Pmartt on Social Media Pmartt
Instagram: @pmartt_official PMARTT Facebook PMARTT Twitter PMARTT Reverbnation Website

New Music Video: J-Jack- Ventilateur

Cameroonian artiste; J-Jack has just released a new track titled 'Ventilateur.' The song which was produced by DJ Kessy, was launched with an interesting dance concept which is displayed in the video that was directed by Mr Tcheck. Click below to watch:

New Music: Daddy Black ft BlueJay Kings ft Simplice Guitar- Mama

To humanity, motherhood is the pit into which the pillars of essence are cast. To us Africans, it is essence itself in its sacred entity. While everything remains remarkably beautiful about its production, composition and engineering, this brand new banger from "Daddy Black "in collaboration with
"BlueJay Kings" and "Simplice Guitar" , produced by" Blue Jizus" mixed and mastered
by" Elad Denis", simply slabs the fact that one's relationship with their mother can never be erstwhile. No matter her walk in life, your mother will always be someone to qualify as the throb in your heartbeat. That is natural, which makes the use of live bass guitar by "Darry Bass" rhythm and solo guitar by "Simplice Guitar" , in the song more vital and meaningful. Click below to enjoy:

Words We Became Familiar with Due to the Anglophone Crisis

The ongoing Anglophone crisis orchestrated by teachers and lawyers of the Anglophone regions has place Cameroon in a quagmire. In November 2016, teachers and lawyers complained about marginalization and the forceful use of French Language in their classrooms.

They did so in a series of street protest which later ended up with police brutality and hostility.  The street protest has morphed into a socio-political crisis, arms conflict between separatist groups and the Biya regime. With separatist demanding for a new nation.

In the course of this crisis which has lasted for about 3 years, we became familiar with these words.

Ground Zero

Water na Water

Ghost Town

Lock Down

Shut Down


Black Leg

La Republique

Southern Cameroons

Contri Sunday



Foot Soldiers

Nchang Shoe Boys

That Boys Them

Agent of La Republique



Bilingualism Commission


Restoration Forces


Field Marshal

Red Dragons


Interim Government




Big G Baba Granted the Go Ahead to Perform at Master's Night Gold Show Yaounde

Yesterday Friday 10th of May was a gloomy day for Big G Baba. There was a controversy on social media about his performance in the forthcoming  Master's Night Gold Show in Yaounde this month end.

There was a mixup between Big G's manager and his producer  Dakwas Jr who doubles as CEO and founder of Dakwas Entertainment based in S.A.

''Don’t expect Any performance from Big G Baba in Yaounde this month end at the Master’s Nigth Gold,  planet carrefour Obili Yaounde precisely. His label has not granted him the go-ahead to perform in this forthcoming show'' Dakwas Entertainment Boss made this statement on Facebook yesterday.

 Lack of effective communication and transparency pushed the Dakwas boss to shun Big G Baba from performing in this aforementioned show. But recently, everyone is at the same frequency and have come to a compromise. 

Big G Baba is now expected to perform at Master's Night Gold Show in Yaounde this month end.

Good luck Big G
By Sama Tanya o…

Is Louis Paul MOTAZE trying too hard to please H. E Paul Biya ?

On May 8th, the online magazine INVESTIR AU CAMEROON, in its article: "SGS Cameroon to implement an automatic wood control system as of June 1, 2018", announced colors not very cheerful for the economy of the country; at least, that's what could be detected between the lines ... In essence, one could understand that the decisions resulting from Motaze would cause more harm than good, because one has the impression that they would stifle the imports / exports which is the economic lung of Cameroon.

How else are we to understand such decisions except that L.P Motaze is driving for his own account? And if it turns out he does it for his personal bank account in defiance of Cameroonians, then we should be seriously worried.

Indeed, there is an agreement with the SGS which takes percentages on each export and it is supposed that Motaze gorges behind in retro-commission. Would Motaze be ready to burn all the respect to the hierarchy just to be the boss's favourite?

Many t…

Does Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh deserve all the backlash he is getting from the public?

It is clear that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh enjoys the high confidence of Paul Biya. A controversial alliance, from the look of things. Never in the history of Cameroon, has a Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic been so vilified, slandered, denigrated as Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. As time goes by, the cabal against Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh increases at breakneck speed, especially after his boss made him Minister of State while keeping him Secretary General of the Presidency on January 4, 2019.

Otherwise said, after the President of the Republic HE Paul BIYA, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh becomes the personality in Cameroon whose name is lugged in the mud, taxis, offices, even chapels and mosques, worse, social networks, not to mention the Radios, newspapers and televisions.

In a radio in the political capital Yaoundé, a host in broadcast exclaims: "It is Ngoh Ngoh who creates traffic jams in the streets of Yaounde ... It is Ngoh Ngoh who creates the shortage of electricity everywhere ... I …

New Music Video : DJ Blast ft Ziggee Biy-Whine

Chocolate Entertainment presents Dj Blast in a new music video titled “Whine” featuring Ziggee Boy directed

Maxwel Angye better known by his stage name DJ Blast is a Cameroonian born US based DJ and Data Engineer. Born November 1989 in Kumba, he
developed a strong passion for music and Dj-ing since the age of 14.
He moved to Bamenda for his secondary and university education and after that, DJ Blast traveled to the US with no plans of becoming a professional DJ.

But with his ability to “Feel” the pulse and read the mood of the crowed, DJ Blast found himself performing alongside other American and African DJs in the states.
Strongly representing Team237, Dj Blast always makes sure he promotes Cameroon music with every chance he gets.
He has been able to not let his Data Engineering studies get in the way of him chasing his dream to become one of Africa’s top Djs as he is currently playing in several clubs in the USA.

One of his most recent projects is hi…

Louis Alga releases new EP titled 'Jungle Boy Enter City'

Born and raised in a small village in Kom from the North West Region of Cameroon  called Sowi (His Brand Name - Label).  He is the First born of a  non musical background  of polygamous family of 13. Louis credits God, the musically rich culture of his tribe, and his journey through life as his biggest inspiration to do music. He has worked as a recording and back-up artist at street 237 record in 2014.  As a solo artist he released his career debut  single titled ''No Cry''. He later founded his own Label imprint - SOWI EPIC in 2017 and released his third official single ''Lamblion'' was released under in partnership with Inacity Entertainment. Louis Alga resides in Bonaberi and owns his own Recording Music Studio
Recently Louis Alga released his debut music compilation, the Ep titled "Jungle Boy Enter City". He explains the title means ''rebirth'' and the start of his real music career after long period of struggles, self do…

Why Everyone is Talking about Mr Leo's Looks in 'Mon Patronne' Video

He had an undying love for his ubiquitous black tights and paid little attention to a stream of dislikes and complaints about those tights on social media. Who knows, but those black tights did an excellent job as they kept him relevant as the outfit trended more than his released songs. Those tights were ironically a hit.
Mr. Leo's most recent video release, 'Mon Patronne' was applauded by many fans as his style was augmented by Divine Polyvalent’s touch. We all know Divine and his affection for bright colors. Bright colors on Leo's melanin...magnificent combination.

But why those same black tights? How many of such do you have in your closet? My dark soul was electrified with laughter while reading fans’ comment on Mr. Leo’s Facebook post.

Some fans could be sarcastic (lol, social media has no friends). Mr. Leo has experienced cyberbullying more than any other 237 celebrity in relation to his brand image, personal style, and fashion sense.
Last year, Mr. Leo got bashed…

Discover Cameroonian DJ; DJ Sallas, and why he is trending!!

DJ Sallas has immersed himself in practically every aspect of DJ Culture. Making a name for himself as a force in the industry, his foundation in technical art of party rocking is combined with a background in technical skills.

Aside from touring domestically and internationally, The aforementioned details of DJ Sallas (the combination of technical skill, party rocking, Radio host/ Crowd Motivator & being a business minded individual) makes him a multiple threat in an industry where DJ's are easily disposed.

A passionate individual in terms of his Career, he is very adamant about maintaining "the love of the crowd". The collective resume further emphasises that his feet haS been planted into the game and moving up is the only direction.

Keep up with him on Social Media :

Facebook : DJ Sallas
Instagram : @djsallas
Website :

Europe Based Cameroonian Artiste; Big Poundz, thrills the public in 'Commander'

A month after delivering the audio version of his new single "Commander" which was well received by music lovers, the Cameroonian artist; Big Poundz, based in Brussels, delivers the highly anticipated video for Commander to his fans. Click below to watch:

Big Poundz, who recently signed a management deal with Hope Music Group, is planning on embarking on a nationwide tour in Cameroon. Click HERE to stream his singles.

New song alert: second chance by Flyhabit

Flyhabit has cornered and is tapping the house music market in Cameroon with his latest Massive hit titled -Second Chance. Inspired by Love, this talent has decided to experiment with electro, techno, house, mixing commonplace rap afro-pop tunes with electro inflection to give you this club jam. Produced byKohKohBoy andWaxy Mr. Producer. Lets Anticipate a Video for this, Share Massively Issa Hit

New song alert: SOMTIN by MELCUBE ft PAA KWASI

Sometime as men, we have to remind the African woman of who she really is and what she is capable of. They bring out the best of life. They own humanity, they are the gateway to existence. Remember it can be hard being an African woman.

The world today has become more and more wise, thereby recognising the importance of the African woman, her beauty, her body and her swag. "SOMTIN" is a song put together by MELCUBE FT PAA KWASI that puts together the beauty of the African relating it to her voluptuous body. The Afro-beat highlife track was written in Twi, Pidgin English and English language by the Ghanian Paa Kwasi and the Cameroonian technician Melcube who is equally a rapper and producer.

SOMTIN is the first official single from the upcoming album from Melcube and it is released under the Cameroonian Label MIC MANIACS MUSIC GROUP.


INSTAGRAM: itsmelcube

Meanwhile keep enjoying the sensational definition of the African …

HITECH – CM Launches New Branch in Yaounde

Award-winning e-commerce startup HITECH – CM has created a new branch in Yaounde. This Silicon Mountain startup‘s new outlet is situated at Casino Bastos Yaounde.

HITECH – CM is one of those e-commerce platforms that has overcome online shopping skepticism in Cameroon. They do so by letting customers pay for a product at their doorstep.  They are leaders in smartphones dealership in Cameroon since 2014.

HITECH – CM is an online market which acts as an intermediary between suppliers of a variety of products and the final customer. With HITECH – CM you will always have the perfect experience as they deal with amazingly powerful and beautiful crafted technological gadgets at affordable prices.

‘‘We finally decided to set up a Yaounde office because of the burgeoning customer base. Yaounde has got a plethora of loyal customers‘‘, said founder of HITECH – CM,  Manjong Kevin.

New Products 

1 Electronics
2) Hire Purchase
3) Cars Rentals
4) Cars sales
5) Furniture
6) House Equipments
7) Levre…

Award Winning Cameroonian Movie; Tenacity, set to premiere in Douala!

Another Cameroonian movie premiere is upon us, for the movie; TENACITY!

Tenacity was produced last year 2018, by DC Pictures, Directed by Award Winning Cameroonian Filmmaker ; Musing Derick, and shot in locations in Cameroon.

Without even haven premiered yet, the movie has won the following awards :

Best Feature Film CAMIFF 2018, Special Prize ECRANS NOIRS 2018, Best Movie Director RFA 2018, Best Movie Director NBACA 2018.

The movie is an engaging drama about colonialism. The colonial master had his interest… the African man had his beliefs. These culminated into aged-old hard to quell precolonial, colonial and post colonial conflict relics. Watch the movie trailer:

The movie premieres on the 16th of May at Eden Cinema; Douala. See details on how to attend:


New Music : Sandra Pierami- Bonne Chance

A new game changing cheerleader is in town.
After experiencing unfair treatments from her previous relationship, she linked up the energy to her passion while saying “Bonne chance” to the past.
It is certain that inspiration and especially growth comes from the darkest of places. Sandra Pierami presents her first piece of art to the public titled “Bonne Chance”

Sharing her story while picking up the strength to move on is already a clear statement of her fiercely coordinated self confidence and esteem.

This is the start of her ultimate journey into creating and building incredible content and a loyal fan base respectively. Her mixture of both French and English plus pidgin-English puts her in a more versatile space. Sandra Pierami definitely has the package, with a veteran kind of voice/talent, she is ready to smash hits after hits.

The song is An Afro-pop with a twist. Carefully engineered by Edi Ledrae with modulated 808s one can not ignore. The subliminal dancehall feeling of the …

Syndy Emade's production company; Bluerain Entertainment, trains 40 upcoming Cameroonian actors!

To make up for the scarcity of film schools and training institutes in Cameroon, Syndy Emade came up with the idea of creating a three day acting workshop to train upcoming Cameroonian actors. She got some of the best actors and filmmakers in Cameroon and Africa to teach at the workshop.

They were; Frank Rajah Arase(Nigerian filmmaker), Alenne Menget, Anurin Nwunembom, Musing Derrick, Epule Jeffrey, Nchifor Valery, Muriel Blanche, Nsang Dilong, Lucie Memba, Marcel Kuetche, Miss Lee and Syndy Emade.

The trainees learnt successful acting tips and honed their skills with practicals. After this first edition, the trainees got certificates and also they were given roles in Bluerain Entertainment's upcoming movie project which would be unveiled in the days ahead. Check out some photos from the workshop:

Keep up with Bluerain Entertainment on Social Media:
Facebook: Blue Rain Entertainment
Instagram: @bluerainent

Cameroonians; Herman and Hannah, use Fashion to promote self love!

We are throwing the spotlight t on Cameroonian couple; Herman and Hannah who decided to create a Fashion brand called 'ONLY ONE' as a medium to promote self love.

ONLYONE as launched on the 2nd February 2018 by Herman and Hannah as a medium to inspire a lifestyle of self love. It is a motivational brand designed to inspire self-love, confidence and internal happiness.

The name ‘ONLY ONE’ was chosen  because they believe that every individual is unique in their own way and should stand out and love themselves just the way they are.

They opted for urban outfits to give everyone an opportunity to create their own unique lifestyle through clothing. .

Check out their website: for affordable pieces of exquisite urban clothing.

Keep up with them on Social Media :
Instagram: @only1ne_official

Dear Cameroonian youth, don't be a victim of drug abuse!

''Fun'', ''delirium", ''ecstasy'' and many others. These are the motivating factors that push young people to indulge into the consumption of drugs. The types of drugs consumed by youths these days are so many and diverse, for all classes, be they both legal or illegal.

One of the best known and currently en vogue drug is called "tramol" otherwise known as "THE TRAMADOL." It is a drug of the family of opiates, developed by a pharmaceutical laboratory and designed to relieve pain.

This medicine, although legal, is a drug that is particularly popular amongst youths who abuse it and use it to 'get high.'

Beyond creating controversial behavior, tramadol is not a solution to one's problems because once its effect is faded, the return to reality is fatal.

It will only be a source of problems as it's side effects also involve nausea, vomiting, sweating and more dangerous consequences.. So dear youth, is it wort…