New song alert: Thank you by Sunjo Tessy. Happy birthday

In her own way of celebrating her birthday, Tessy drops a song titled “#ThankYou”, a perfect art of music, praising and thanking God for a plus 1 to her life. She unveils her talent for the world to help her celebrate with this soul reaching masterpiece filed with energetic and thrilling vocals and mature content.

Produced by #livingStudios
CoverArt by #Nyanchi’sPOV
Lyric Video by #Nyanchi’sPOV

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Facebook:Tessy Sunjo
Instagram:Tessy Sunjo

Let's celebrate

The Grace 2 Grass Organisation celebrates African sons & daughters who impact their societies by Awarding them Afro-Community Selfless Empowerment Awards

Grass 2 Grace is a Humanitarian organisation which initiated the African Awards Program to celebrate African sons and daughters that are making significant impacts on their local communities.

The areas of activity in which they focus on, are: Humanitarian, Society, Education, Health, Business, Community, Transport and Religion.

The Grass 2 Grace organisation was founded by HM THOMAS  A. FOTANG Aka PA TOM of the popular sitcom  "SRCRATCH YA EYE" which was aired on Canal 2 international,but now working with MY MEDIA PRIME TELEVISION as  presenter of the TV Program "NEWS ALAKIND INFOTAINMENT SHOW".

HM Thomas has been in humanitarianism for 10 years now and has even been ordained a BINARY UN CISRI AWARDS ACTIVIST since 2008.

The Afro-Community Selfless Empowerment Awards has also been endorsed by the CISRI; a permanent UN Observatory mission in Cameroon.

MR FRU AZEH ROLAND is the recent Afro- community selfless Empowerment Award Achiever as A STAR COMMUNITY HOPE GIVER…

LaLiga signs agreement with Catholic University of Central Africa and will now be offering sports business management courses

LaLiga, the Spanish Football League, and the Catholic University of Central Africa signed a Memory of Understanding yesterday September 11th to enhance the knowledge and education of sports in Cameroon.

As part of this agreement, LaLiga and the Catholic University of Central Africa will collaborate to develop various training programs in areas such as sports management, marketing, finance, leadership, technology and management.

Focused on the success factors of the sector, these programs will help students understand the global context of the sport sector by focusing on business and investment opportunities.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share LaLiga's experience in Cameroon. This agreement reaffirms our organization's commitment to professionalize the sports sector and, according to our slogan "it's not football, it's La Liga", it positions us at the forefront of the sector, not only in terms of sports, but also training."- Commen…

Samuel Eto'o's retirement plan exposed!

On the 6th of September; Africa's great footballer; Samuel Eto'o announced that he was putting an end to his successful football career.

On an interview with BBC Africa, today, September 11th, he revealed his retirement plans:

"I have no plans to become CAF president today or tomorrow. I have no plans to become FIFA President today or tomorrow. At the exit of the stadiums, what I would like to do is resume my studies to better manage my business tomorrow.

I think I won a lot in the stadiums and it would be my job to pass on all that experience. And, I tried for a few months the role of coach. My dream would be to be the first African coach to coach a great European team. Just because we are used to taking our foreign brothers, but our foreign brothers never take us to lead their teams or their Nations. So, it's the "little boy's dream" that I have. And that's what I would like to do."

Biya's Speech Agbor Balla Reacts

“Barrister Agbo Balla Nkongho says his wish and expectation from President Paul Biya tonight is to get the following: Yes to All Inclusive Dialogue,  Free All Arrested, Political Reforms And Abounced Constitutional Amendments.”

 Cabral Libii Reacts.

“Cabral Libii says his main expectation tonight is that the much desired inclusive dialogue to solve the anglophone crisis be announced even before the end of the first minute of the speech of President Paul Biya.”

"compatriots die! A lot of blood has been flowing. This is the priority of priorities. Do it Mr President. If that is not why you express yourself tonight, then don't forget. Any other speech will be vain or, inappropriate". Cabral Libii on his official

 As expectations keep streaming in as regards the Head of state's exceptional address, All the students who benefited from the PBs could also be called upon to refund them. One never knows, am off, catch you at 8:00p

"My birthday this year will be the start of my career in music. " Sunjo Tessy tells betatinz

The good thing about today's youth is that some of us have understood the codes of life. It is evident that Cameroonian youths are ready to effect the change needed, so as to make the world a better place. Sunjo Tessy is a sensation the industry is blessed with. As she prepares to kick start her career, the latter has got the voice, and the ability to blow minds with her writing skills.

Tess is an educationist, a model, a makeup artist, just to mention a few. In the month of September this year, she will be releasing her debut single titled THANK YOU produced by DOBY KUMZ. This song will equally usher the young gospel artist into a new age. Tessy shares her motivation with us, “It is only natural to pattern yourself after someone… But you can’t just copy someone. If you like someone’s work, the important thing is to be exposed to everything that person has been exposed to. I have a structured songwriting process. I start with the music and try to come up with musical ideas, then …

Cimencam launches the first ever 'Made in Cameroon' White Cement!

Cimencam is the oldest existing cement factory in Cameroon. The company is 33% owned by the Cameroonian government, 2% owned by Cameroonian individuals and 55% owned by a foreign company called Maroc Afrique.

The objective of Cimencam, is to be the leading producer of construction materials in Cameroon. To achieve this, they are constantly innovating and creating better products and services for the Cameroonian market.

On Friday August 30th, Cimencam launched a new product called 'Sublime' via an exquisite white-themed party, with all the company's stakeholders at the luxury hotel La Falaise in Bonapriso; Douala.

Sublime is White Cement, made in Cameroon, by Cameroonians, with international standards.

Some of the qualities include:

-Aesthetics: in using white cement to build/construct, you wouldn't need to paint, because the white cement gives an extra glamourous finishing. You have the liberty to change its colour at will just by the addition of pigments with your pref…

The relics of War: Case of Brigitte & Prince, refugees in Cameroon from the Central African Republic.

"I was sweeping the yard when they started shooting. Houses were broken and others burned. That's when I entered the house to save the sleeping baby. Then I fled." - Brigitte

In 2014, in the Central African Republic, Brigitte made a courageous decision. Despite the violence, she braved the risks to save her grandson. The boy's mother, her daughter, is missing.

"When war breaks out, everyone tries to save themselves. I just had time to enter the house and carry the baby."-She said

To save their lives, Brigitte walked a few kilometers before finding one of the vehicles escorting people fleeing the violence.

"We drove all day and stopped at night to sleep. Only then did I try to look for food for the little one."

Forced to flee and without resources, Brigitte had to rely on the charity of strangers to feed the baby; depriving herself. It was only after two days that Brigitte and her grandson found refuge in Cameroon. They have been living there for fi…

The reality behind the collabo

So it's news now that Salatiel and Beyonce have a collabo and there are comments like "the guy has now sold his own soul to the devil" and this leaves me with two questions;

1) The people we christians spend time criticizing for being occultic are making waves and whether we realise it or not we are their marketers because we talk about them. How much time do we spend spreading good vibes about our Gospel artists?

2) Why have we who have sold our own souls to God for several years now not been able to make news like these ones? I mean it's a sell and gain thing for them, why not for us?

3) Comparatively how many souls do we christians win for the kingdom of God as to those the occultists win for their master? Who is winning and who is loosing ?

              I have possible answers too;

1) The gospel milieu is becoming a sphere of critics rather than christians.

2) Christians are total sell-outs otherwise the gifts of a man should make a way for him (proverbs 18:16)…

2020 Women's Olympic Qualifiers - Indomitable Lionesses Poised for Victory

The national women's football team is in camp in Mbankomo near Yaounde to prepare for the return leg of the second round 2020 Olympic Games qualifier. The encounter will take place at the Yaounde Ominsports Stadium on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. After securing a 1-1 tie with Ethiopia in the away leg on August 26, at the Bahir Dar International Stadium, some 50km from Addis Ababa, the Lionesses are back home and are already training hard for the game. 

Cameroon's goal was scored by Michaela Abam at the 46th minute and Ethiopia levelled scores nine minutes to the end of the game. For next Tuesday's match the Head coach, Alain Djeumfa and the players are working out winning strategies in order to secure a ticket for the third round of the competition. The team currently in camp is made up of 14 home based players with six others plying their trade abroad. They are Farida Machia, Michaela Abam, Leuko Chibosso, Feudjio Raissa and Aboudi Onguene. Some of the players were unable t…

Discover AdsMag, a Radio Show for Young Cameroonians, by Young Cameroonians!

Yvan Ango, a Journalist, radio host, producer and football commentator is the producer and founder of AdsMag. He has been producing AdsMag radio show for 5 years now on Radio Sport Info (RSI) 92.3 fm

Founded in 2014, by Yvan Ango, via his Production Company; Ads Prod, AdsMag is a talk-show with a family ambiance, which talks about trending issues online, in a very light mood.

There is a team of 25 youths, behind AdsMag who work on getting relevant content for the show and making sure it runs smoothly.

They just launched a new season of the show, and this new season announced itself with very thrilling content.

They are not only present on radio, but have a very active social media presence as well, with over 10,000 followers.

Yvan Ango reminisces on some highlights of the show so far:

"The day we organised our Reality TV show was mad fun. When Magasco came over, and when Mr Leo came over, it was an amazing day! I remember when Salatiel came over and did a live performance of Ani…

AfriCam Records partners with Mel B Akwen to release a hot new single titled 'Affaire D'amour !

AfriCam Records is elated to announce the release of their second music project titled Affaire D'amour. 

After making a great first impression in the music business with their smash hit 'Killer With' featuring Magasco, AfriCam records is here again with another brilliant piece, in collaboration with one of Cameroon's most celebrated female artistes Mel B Akwen.

Affaire D'amour (Love Affair) is a typical afro pop love song in which Mel B Akwen expresses her ideology about love, focusing on the positives.

With easy to retain lyrics, a familiar line ("Go Go Go Shawty..." by 50 Cent), a typical afro instrumental and a perfectly matched visual story line, it's certain Affaire D'amour will in no time become the next street anthem.

Click below to watch it:

To stay connected with AfriCam Records, please follow the social media platforms listed below. Do not forget to subscribe to AfriCam Records YouTube for more.
Link up with AfriCam Records:

•YouTube: AF…

Bisong Shauna, a young but very promising model

No matter how many shows I’ve done, as soon as they say it’s time to start, I get that nervous sensation and feel like I have to pee. So that’s where my mind is. That and making it to the end of the runway and back as fast as I can.

Bisong Shauna is an 18 year old fast rising model who  is currently setting the standard for upcoming models in Cameroon. The face, fashion and commercial model is thrills us with her photos and captivating captions every time. Studying Microbiology in the University of Bamenda, the natural beauty also takes out time to make some of her outfits. Not forgetting her signature AFRO.

Shauna shares her experience and secret with the world by saying, "The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new."
She goes further to say, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

For booking…

Abii Sirri at the age of 19, is ready for the challenges in the dance industry

Dancing, whether your moves are done perfectly or you just want to go crazy, has so many great benefits to offer. Some of these benefits include physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Although these things can also be attained in many other ways, dancing offers a unique and special connection to our inner selves.

Abii Sirri is a 19 years old dancer based in bamenda. She started a dancing a few years ago but took professional early in 2018 when she discovered her true potential. In the same year she took it to the next level, Abii Sirri was a nominee for best female dancer, and ended up winning the award for most OUTSTANDING DANCER AT THE CAMEROON DANCE AWARD CDA2018. This award equally opened her horizons to bigger platforms. Been a part of dance crews such as, Diversity, the CDA ALL STARS and presently, she is a part of FEENIX, a bamenda based dance crew.

Abii had this as the reason why she has chosen dance of all the branches of the entertainment industry, "…

Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Shaveline Ndifor, launches her Cosmetics Brand; Shaveline Cosmetics, for the Natural Girl!

Shaveline Ndifor, a Belgian based Cameroonian Entrepreneur, has launched her Cosmetics Brand called Shaveline Cosmetics.

This first collection of shaveline cosmetics is inspired by makeup for the natural girl. The luxury brand is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.

"Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that, it's a woman's secret."-Shaveline Ndifor

The first collection of Shaveline Cosmetics launched with Six Cosmetics Products; Matte Liquid Foundation(long lasting), Pressed Powder(Oil Control), Eyebrows Cream, Eye Liner, Nude Lipglosses and Matte Liquid Lipsticks in four shades.

The products were created for women of all shades, from melanin popping to cream toppings!

Their long lasting liquid matte foundation has 6 different shades with four dark to brown shades, and two lighter shades.

The foundation shades are called Dark Pride, Ebony, Chocolate girl, Endoh tan , Medium light and Light.

Their Oil Control Pressed Powder is mad…

Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Chin Carine, launches 10 shades of Lipsticks for Sevys Glow Cosmetics!

Asian based Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Chin Carine Sevidzem, popularly known as Sevy, has launched some new products for her cosmetics brand; Sevys Glow Cosmetics.

It comprises of 10 shades of Matte Lipsticks which are kiss-proof, Waterproof and Highly pigmented.

Due to the fact that women complain about fake Matte Lipsticks, Sevys decided to launch quality products to curb this problem.

"I will advice young girls to engage themselves in business no matter how small it is because before we get somewhere we need to start from somewhere and they should make good use of social media and should not only depend on government for jobs."- Chin Carine

The lipsticks are available in Cameroon at a cost price of 2,500frs per piece.
Douala: 650645515
Yaoundé: 675955955
Bamenda: 651299873
Buea: 673476976

Keep up with Sevys Glow Cosmetics on Social Media: