Bisong Shauna, a young but very promising model

No matter how many shows I’ve done, as soon as they say it’s time to start, I get that nervous sensation and feel like I have to pee. So that’s where my mind is. That and making it to the end of the runway and back as fast as I can.

Bisong Shauna is an 18 year old fast rising model who  is currently setting the standard for upcoming models in Cameroon. The face, fashion and commercial model is thrills us with her photos and captivating captions every time. Studying Microbiology in the University of Bamenda, the natural beauty also takes out time to make some of her outfits. Not forgetting her signature AFRO.

Shauna shares her experience and secret with the world by saying, "The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new."
She goes further to say, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

For booking…

Abii Sirri at the age of 19, is ready for the challenges in the dance industry

Dancing, whether your moves are done perfectly or you just want to go crazy, has so many great benefits to offer. Some of these benefits include physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Although these things can also be attained in many other ways, dancing offers a unique and special connection to our inner selves.

Abii Sirri is a 19 years old dancer based in bamenda. She started a dancing a few years ago but took professional early in 2018 when she discovered her true potential. In the same year she took it to the next level, Abii Sirri was a nominee for best female dancer, and ended up winning the award for most OUTSTANDING DANCER AT THE CAMEROON DANCE AWARD CDA2018. This award equally opened her horizons to bigger platforms. Been a part of dance crews such as, Diversity, the CDA ALL STARS and presently, she is a part of FEENIX, a bamenda based dance crew.

Abii had this as the reason why she has chosen dance of all the branches of the entertainment industry, "…

Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Shaveline Ndifor, launches her Cosmetics Brand; Shaveline Cosmetics, for the Natural Girl!

Shaveline Ndifor, a Belgian based Cameroonian Entrepreneur, has launched her Cosmetics Brand called Shaveline Cosmetics.

This first collection of shaveline cosmetics is inspired by makeup for the natural girl. The luxury brand is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.

"Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that, it's a woman's secret."-Shaveline Ndifor

The first collection of Shaveline Cosmetics launched with Six Cosmetics Products; Matte Liquid Foundation(long lasting), Pressed Powder(Oil Control), Eyebrows Cream, Eye Liner, Nude Lipglosses and Matte Liquid Lipsticks in four shades.

The products were created for women of all shades, from melanin popping to cream toppings!

Their long lasting liquid matte foundation has 6 different shades with four dark to brown shades, and two lighter shades.

The foundation shades are called Dark Pride, Ebony, Chocolate girl, Endoh tan , Medium light and Light.

Their Oil Control Pressed Powder is mad…

Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Chin Carine, launches 10 shades of Lipsticks for Sevys Glow Cosmetics!

Asian based Cameroonian Entrepreneur; Chin Carine Sevidzem, popularly known as Sevy, has launched some new products for her cosmetics brand; Sevys Glow Cosmetics.

It comprises of 10 shades of Matte Lipsticks which are kiss-proof, Waterproof and Highly pigmented.

Due to the fact that women complain about fake Matte Lipsticks, Sevys decided to launch quality products to curb this problem.

"I will advice young girls to engage themselves in business no matter how small it is because before we get somewhere we need to start from somewhere and they should make good use of social media and should not only depend on government for jobs."- Chin Carine

The lipsticks are available in Cameroon at a cost price of 2,500frs per piece.
Douala: 650645515
Yaoundé: 675955955
Bamenda: 651299873
Buea: 673476976

Keep up with Sevys Glow Cosmetics on Social Media:

New Music Video: DJ Makoko ft Shura- Sisia

DJ Makoko makes his debut into the Cameroon Urban Music scene with a Sango Edi produced track, “Sisia”.

“Sisia” features Kamer song bird, Shura! The song is a classic “good girl in love with a bad guy”, a theme Shura handles easily on the track with the right emotions in her delivery.

In Collaborating with Stevens Music, DJ Makoko hopes to extend and continue to shine a light on Camer artists through his various platforms.
Click below to watch the video:

Olgha takes us on an emotional journey in 'Cold.'

The Cameroonian record label, BIMMAC SOUNDS, based in the United States, presents its first signed artist, Olgha Nk.
This super talent who hails from the North West Region of Cameroon, fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the Company with her unique vocals and soul searching music style.

The label will record, produce and distribute all creations from this vocal princess.
The main objective of BIMMAC SOUNDS is to find and accompany young talents in the attainment of their career objectives.

With this in mind, Olgha Nk, though their keen supervision and guidance, will display her talent through the release of singles specially prepared for lovers of African music.
The first of these, titled “Cold", is now available for the  pleasure of the public. .

“Cold" is a prayer written around the pain and suffering presently felt by the general public of Cameroon due to the troubles happening in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Click below to watch:

Facebook: BIMMAC…

Cho Sylvon and his prospect for dance sector

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.

CHO SYLVON TENENG  was born on the 4th of April 1994.

Got into the industry at a very early stage of his life but took it to the next level  2012 when he started dancing in church, going to competitions and dancing in music videos.
Because of his endless efforts to lift up the dance sector of the entertainment industry in Cameroon, he was nominated for BEST DANCE MOVE for his wonderful move creation as a choreographer and he won the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the CAMEROON DANCE AWARD #CDA2018. This award opened and exposed Sylvon to bigger platforms and earned him a work deal with FEENIX where he doubles as the leader.

When asked what his motivation is, he said, "The first dance is the worst dance; the last dance is the best dance! All the roads of persistent practice lead to the Land of Perfection!"

You ca…

Toki Lala confesses!

Joba Productions presents Toki Lala in her new music video titled ”Real Love”

Real love, is a song produced by one of Cameroon’s most prominent sound engineers: PHILLBILLBEATZ.

Toki Lala wrote and recorded the song some time back and it carries a great deal of her ideologies about LOVE.

Every instrument and every line in
the lyrics carries a vital message expressed in the simplest of ways and she wants
every African to be able to relate with this piece of art on a personal level.

The music video was directed by Ghana's finest director, REX.
Hit play below and enjoy:


“SKRIIM FOR 100” is an electronic music-themed concept initiated by the electronic music producer and DJ, SKRIIM.

The artist’s ambition through this project is to provide a platform of expression for present and future creators and consumers of electronic music in Cameroon and Africa.

The SKRIIM FOR 100 concept focuses on 02 objectives:

Gather a community of fans around the electric movement. It is to make available to those who did not have places where they could listen and live in LIVE electronic music, a consumer platform.

Allow electronic music composers to have a stage dedicated solely to their musical style.The launch of “SKRIIM FOR 100” will take place on 17th of August 2019 at LA CASE DES ARTS inYaoundé (Essos). The particularity of this concept is to gather only 100 people per show hence the name of the concept. Each edition will take place at a different location and on a date announced at the end of each show. If for the first editions, the leading artist is Skriim, since…

German Based Cameroonian artiste; Julio Abong, preaches peace with new single titled 'Homeless in my homeland."

There are 1001 things about life and society that facilitate music maturation and inspire artists today. One of the first we notice and feel very sad about is what's happening in the English speaking regions of our country and how our artists ceaselessly preach and call for PEACE and DIALOGUE through music.

Cameroonian-German based musician Julio Abong happens to be one of the preachers of peace and dialogue during this moment of turbulence. He has gone from releasing obscure songs in 2005 to dropping “Home sweet home” in 2018 and now, the heart melting piece “Homeless in my homeland” in June 2019 after personally witnessing the crisis in the north and south west regions of Cameroon.

When I visited Cameroon last year 2018, I met a lot of friends in Douala and Yaounde. After having a discussion with some, tears almost ran down my chicks when they narrated their sufferings. Most of them had basically nothing left as their homes had been burnt and family members killed. I wondered …


You already know he is one of Cameroon’s fastest rapper. Now, meet ZeeJM aka Mr. Impeccable as he officially makes his Career Debut with a Song titled – Ndolo Featuring JEENO. With just a handful of performances and a couple of Hardcore Cyphers, the 22-year-old Douala-based hip hop artist has already shown that his rap music needs to be heard. Born Mai Marious, the young rapper seemingly came out of nowhere, almost instantly impressing fans with his panoramic stage performances.
Last two years Zee JM was focused on optimizing his craft by performing for various shows and releasing his cypher series titled – The Imppacable Cypher which was well received by fans and hailed him as arguably the fastest rapper in Cameroon. Check Out His Cypher Below:

After two years of grooming under some of the best minds in the business, Zee JM is affiliated with Clear Creek Empire and Chumedia Management. His Debut “NDOLO” is produced/Mixed/Mastered by Abztrumental and Djara and features dope chorus fr…


The GCE 2019 Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Results have been released.

Get the Ordinary Level Results HERE
Get the Advanced Level Results HERE

The results above are for General Education. We would upload the GCE 2019 results for technical education soon.

New Music Video : Micki Wren-Kpakoro

Voguish Cameroonian Afropop artist, Micki Wren, hereby announces the unveiling of his clip entitled "KPAKORO", obtainable on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

On a mellow, groovy and rhythmic beat accompanied by the comely vocals of Micki Wren, "Kpakoro" successfully captures the artist's origins and aspirations, in the semblance of some illustrious men in his community.

With the paramount duo of Master Roboster as producer and Geraldrico Guevara as director of the clip, Micki Wren lays yet another brick to his legacy as he continues his upsurge in the Afropop milieu. Click below to watch and enjoy:

The artist's potential to deliver speedily yet with so much finesse is a force to reckon with, as "Kpakoro" comes in quick succession to "How we Roll" and "Nene" released not long.

Discover the Cameroonian Style Influencer; ManLikeClix, who is changing the game from Cameroon to Europe!

Manlikeclix Born Gwei Noel Yengong lives and breathes for fashion. As a child in Cameroon he’d always note what his uncle Spee Arts was wearing at social gatherings, and started to develop his own personal style as a creative outlet. Today, he’s made a career out of his precocious eye for fashion, as a European based style aficionado he writes a popular lifestyle blog with a focus on menswear and culture, and has collaborated with the likes of Elle magazine , esquire and GQ.  Manlikeclix dropped into A fashion house in Cameroon  recently to try on some pieces from thier collection. We talked about what he’s learned about influencing since he started fully in 2015 and how influencers have changed the fashion landscape.
TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY FROM CAMEROON  TO EUROPEI grew up in Bamenda and Limbe in Cameroon. I was sent to study in Cyprus and England by my Parents as part of their grand plan to make sure all of their children were ambassadors of the world and were able to bring back k…

Download: Beyonce ft Salatiel ft Pharrell--Water

Salatiel features on Beyoncé's upcoming album' The Lion King: The Gift'

Beyonce produced the soundtracks for the new 'Lion King' movie re-make on which she features about 11 African artistes including our very own Salatiel.

He features on a song off the album titled 'Water' alongside Pharrell Williams and Beyonce. The album is out.
Click HERE to download Beyonce ft Salatiel ft Pharell- Water

Meanwhile, Beyonce chose Salatiel, because to her, he is one of the "Best Talents in Africa"

Team 237 Oyeh 🇨🇲

Cameroonian Cosmetics Brand; Dede's Signature, launches new collection!

Dede's Signature is a Cameroonian Makeup Brand founded by US Based Cameroonian Mum, Nurse, Wife and Entrepreneur; Dede Folefo.

Dede ventured into the makeup business in 2015, as a self taught freelance makeup artist in Buea. She moved to the USA in 2016 and with the support of her husband, she got licensed as a BSN, RN(Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in 2017 while she continued to follow her dreams of being a Makeup Artist. In June 2018 she launched her first 3D Luxury Mink Eyelash collection under her Cosmetics Brand; Dede Signature.

In Honor of her 1 year anniversary she launches a new range of products dubbed 'First Fruit Collection' which consists of : One 12 COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE,  5 MATTE LIPSTICKS( 24 HOUR and watte proof), 2 lipglosses and more 3D MINK LUXURY EYELASHES.

"The eye shadow palette is just a clear representation of my life with the EKG sign on the front representing my Nurse-Side and its beautiful colorful packaging representing my colorful life …