Kidnapped Buea University athletes released

The students of the University of Buea who were kidnapped on Wednesday morning have been released, local sources in Buea have confirmed. The students, 20 in total were spotted at the Check Point neighbourhood in Molyko, Buea at around 8.30Pm local time where they were received by their family members, sources said.
However, circumstances surrounding their release were not revealed.
Pictures have earlier surfacd online late on Thursday showing the kidnapped students in an unknown locationbefore a video was later released showing the students singing the “Ambazonia anthem” visibly under the guidance of their kidnappers who did not appear in the video.

The students, all members of the University of Buea football team were kidnapped on Wednesday morning as they arrived the stadium on campus for training ahead of the University Gams in Dschang.
Their kidnap came just 24 hours after that of the coach of Yong port Academy of Bamenda who was however released the same day.

UK urges Cameroon to accept foreign assistance for victims of Anglophone crisis

The United Kingdom has urged the government of Cameroon to accept offers of assistance from regional and international partners so as to help prevent the humanitarian crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country. During a submission today at the Human Rights Council, the UK expressed its deep concern about the deteriorating human rights situation in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, due to high levels of violence, and called on Cameroon to engage fully with the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights.
The UK said technical assistance from the international community can support partner nations to ensure the protection and realization of human rights across a range of contexts.
“we encourage the Government to accept offers of assistance from regional and international partners to prevent further erosion of the human rights of those living in the North-West and South-West of Cameroon, resulting from the conflict…

Women engage in seeking peaceful solutions to Anglophone crisis

South West and North West Women’s Task force met with the coordinator of the National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration committee on Friday March 15 and discussed on ways to bring back peace in the two Anglophone regions of the country.
Organized in a task force, women of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have decided to give a helping hand to State authorities in the search for long lasting peace in the Anglophone regions.

In the course of their mission to meet with State authorities and propose solutions to the crises, a delegation of the women’s task force met with Fai Yengo Francis, coordinator of the NDDRC to look for ways to target secessionists who willingly lay down their arms

“We have seen many of our loved ones die, children and sisters dying, so much blood flowing in the communities. We as women, brokers of peace and agents of development thought it is important (…) find out what the problems are and how we can mitigate some of them” the General…

Gov’t plans to build ultra modern structures at fire-ravaged Congo market

The government of Cameroon will build permanent ultra modern structures at the Congo Market in Douala in a bid to curb the regular fire that has ravaged shops in recent weeks, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute has said.
The Prime Minister was in Douala on Sunday where he visited the Congo Market to see the remains of shops consumed by fire on Friday night.

Joseph Dion Ngute told reporters on the site that government had already made plans to build an ultra modern market on the site that will be more secured and limit the risks of fire as is the case with makeshift stalls at the market.

Joseph Dion Ngute said the project to construct the market is a Public Private Partnership, PPP, and is expected to kick off in the weeks ahead.

Market fires have been frequent in the past weeks with at least six markets consumed by fire in just under three in Yaounde and Douala.

Indomitable Lions begin camping ahead of Comoros game

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have began arriving their training base in Yaounde ahead of Saturday’s final group game of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.
The few players who arrived yesterday morning had to undergo indoor physical and medical tests. Head coach Clarence Seedorf held his first press conference yesterday in Yaounde where he said Cameroon will be going for the win to seal automatic qualification.

Amongst the players who were expected to arrive camp  yesterday night were Andre Onana, Fabrice Ondoua, Fai Collins, Jerome Onguene, Michael Ngadeu, Oyongo Bitolo, Zambo Anguissa, Kunde Malong, Jacques Zoua, Clinton Njie, Choupo Moting, Joel Ngadeu and Jean Pierre Nsamè. Wilfried Kaptoum replaces the injured Armel Kana Biyick.

Defence Minister warns soldiers against human rights violation in Anglophone regions

Soldiers have been cautioned to respect the local population in the North West and South West regions of the country.
The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo issued the warning on Monday March 18 in Buea while presiding over the installation ceremony of two senior military officers recently appointed by Presidential decree.

He called on the soldiers to be professional in the exercise of their duties in these regions and called on them to collaborate with the local population to restore peace and order in the troubled regions

The Minister’s call comes just few days after the US 2018 human rights report on Cameroon accused the country’s soldiers of grace human rights violation in the Anglophone regions as well as the Far North regions of the country.

The government of Cameroon has always dismissed accusations of human rights violation while promising to prosecute and punish any soldier suspected of carrying out any unlawful acts on the local popu…

BIR engage in securing the health of citizens in Mbonge (South West Region)

The Rapid Intervention Battalion has examined 230 people on March 15 in the locality of Mbonge, Même division , southwest region of Cameroon.The other cases, and possibly new ones, will be consulted next Monday.

Alexandre Song renews his contract with PUMA as their brand ambassador, buys car worth more than 250 million frs

Former Indomitable Lion; Alexandre Song is apparently living his best life! He just renewed his contract with International Sports brand; PUMA. He signed a new contract with them which would go through 2019-2021.

Then, earlier this week, he was spotted at a car dealer shop in Geneva, purchasing a Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 model which is worth a minimum of 250 Million frs.

Congratulations Alex Song!

See a video of the car, courtesy of Alex Song's snapchat:

New Music: Jigi-Forever

Legaci Singer, Jigi comes through with his second tune of the year titled “Forever”, In this latest piece the artist paints a perfect picture of an undying love filled with soul touching lyrics, melody, and emotion produced by the talented Abztrumental.

His ratings in the industry are gradually taking some serious upturn with the marvelous work done under legaci company as his last song - Highway song received critically acclaimed from music critiques. Click below to listen:

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New Music: Toujours--Libérez l'Afrique

Reggae artiste; Toujours, passés on a strong message about the motherland, Africa, in a piece he titled 'Libérez l' Afrique. ' Click below to listen:

Cameroonian IT specialist Binyuy Jude Verla Expatiates On The Benefits Of IT To The Disabled

After his recent call for young Cameroonians to consider careers in IT and to use IT responsibly, Binyuy Jude Verla has been nicknamed 'The IT Preacher'. To continue his IT advocacy, Binyuy Jude Verla just published another very enriching piece of information. This time around he focuses on the extent to which IT is helping individuals with different types of disabilities;

Binyuy Jude Verla :- "Since the advent of computers, disabled people have been provided with new, exciting opportunities to connect, share, and work. In some cases, technologies have been developed and perfected to provide the disabled with an easier lifestyle. In others, technologies that have become available to the general public, such as the Internet, are not as accessible as one may hope. However, many computers and programs have and will continue to help blind, deaf, and physically disabled people" :

Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals

There are a host of systems out there to help blind …

Is President Paul Biya still popular?

Editorial written by John Akuma:

In the presidential elections in Cameroon in October 2018, Paul Biya emerged victorious. This was his 6th reelection. As is often the case in Africa, suspicion and misunderstanding have emerged in some western chancelleries, showing a deep misunderstanding of the links between the local population and it's head of state, and more generally the way in which Africans apprehend their relationship with authority.

On 7 October, observers from Africa and around the world, were present to ensure the validity of the ballot. In the results, with the notable exception of the Littoral region, President Paul Biya had gathered the vast majority of votes.

If in the West, such political longevity at the head of a state raises doubts, it is not the case in Africa. Every traveler across the country understands the connection between the head of state and his people, and the same relationship is found between the inhabitants of a village and the traditional chief.

Women’s Participation in Exercising Political Power Cannot Be Disputed, Says General Assembly President, Opening High-Level Event

When women work to rise to the top, whether in politics, business or community advocacy, they face resistance, discrimination, social stereotypes and double standards, the President of the General Assembly said today as she opened a high-level event on “Women in Power”. The figures speak for themselves, 90 per cent of Heads of Government are men, said María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador), calling on world leaders to demonstrate the political will needed to change the course of history.
The great majority of countries have never been governed by women, she continued.  If the current trend continues, achieving equality will take over 100 years.  Women face myriad challenges in politics.  They are judged by how they look and how they are dressed, more than their ideas.  And when they do express their views and opinions, they are held to a much higher standard than men.

This situation is real, and we must work to combat it, she stressed.  Underrepresentation of women in political lif…

Tchadia Airlines now operational in Cameroon!

Launched in 2018, Tchadia Airlines is an airline based at N'Djamena International Airport in N’Djamena, Chad. The airline is the National carrier of Chad. 51% of the Airline company is owned by the Chadian government, meanwhile 49% is owned by Ethiopian Airlines.

They inaugurated their first flight to Douala today, March 11th 2019, and for now, they would be flying to and from Douala, three times a week, through four destinations.

Nonetheless, Tchadia Airlines is operational in ten destinations. They are:

Abéché(Chad), Bangui(Central African Republic), Douala(Cameroon), Faya-Largeau(Chad),Kano(Nigeria),Khartoum (Sudan),Moundou(Chad),N’Djamena(Chad),
Niamey(Niger), Sarh(Chad). 

The inaugural ceremony in Douala today was graced by a representative of the Governor of Littoral , the administrative staff of Ethiopian Airlines, the government of Chad, the administrative staff of the Douala International Airport, among other distinguished guests which included other stakeholders in Tcha…

Young Cameroonian Author; Stanlee E Ngole, marries Economics and Philosophy in a book titled 'The Economy of Bliss: Core Values'

Stanlee E. Ngole is a serial social and business entrepreneur as well as a personal development coach, member of the International Association of Certified Coaches.

He currently holds a BA from the University of Buea and diplomas in Viral Marketing and life coaching from Ireland’s Shaw Academy and the Life Coach Training Institute of San Diego, respectively.

Having always done business alongside his university studies, he has for several years operated in the fields of agribusiness, catering and show business, and is currently working on two sharing economy-friendly mobile applications with a team of entrepreneurs, all aimed at making life easier and cheaper for less privileged people.

Besides his inclination for business, Stanlee Ngole is also a passionate humanitarian environmentalist as he founded the Tenpercent Africa Organization, an enterprise of grassroots human capital, which through teamwork and massive participation in development processes is spreading the culture of shared…

Fon Tete Empire presents, Where Is The Love (Audio) by The Emperor ft 237 Stars.

At a time when humanity is going through some difficult moments, war, hate, greed, disputes and destruction, it is only evident that the solution lies in one world; "LOVE", which happens to be the only route to peace, unity and subsequent growth.

With this in mind, it's every citizen's duty to their talents and abilities to inspire a positive change in the world. In this light, some 237 Stars have decided to come together to preach LOVE under a Fon Tete Empire inspired project titled 'Where Is The Love'.

Powered by Fon Tete Empire and produced by Mister Melody, Where Is The Love is a humanitarian project featuring artistes like;  The Emperor (aka Sexy Stylish Boss), Briana Lesley, Tizeu, Franky P, Makon, Winney, Yong, Trisha Banks, Otang, Babaah Master and J-Jack.

With a brilliant delivery by all the featured artistes, Where Is The Love turns out to be a soul touching piece and a potential street anthem. Enjoy the audio as we look forward to the visuals dire…

Cameroonian woman; Aissa Doumara, emerges winner of the first Simone Veil Awards in France.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday awarded the inaugural Simone Veil Prize to Cameroonian women’s rights activist Aissa Doumara Ngatansou, who runs an association to help victims of rape and forced marriages in her home country.

Speaking in front of a large portrait of Veil, the late Auschwitz survivor known for her battle to make abortion legal in France, Doumara said she accepted the award with "a lot of emotion".

The 46-year-old dedicated the prize to "all women victims of violence and forced marriages, to all those who have escaped from Boko Haram."

The ceremony marked the 42nd International Women's Day and the award was created in tribute to the life and work of Veil, who died in 2017, aged 89.

The Simone Veil prize is worth 100,000 euros ($112,000).

French president;
Macron, hailed Doumara for "her commitment of over 20 years in the service of women, carried out in silence, sometimes in disapproval."

This is an example of courage, of ch…

Diplomacy: The versatile game of the ambassador of the United States in Cameroon

As written by John Akuma:

The recent events that Cameroon is going through in terms of security and politics has exposed many actors whose interests are being revealed over time, interests either in favor of Cameroon or or in favour of her detractors.

Tibor Peter Nagy, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs is expected in Cameroon on March 17. This visit is part of an African tour which he began this Monday, March 04. As Cameroon prepares to receive the one that has been dubbed "Mr. Africa" ​​Donald Trump, the topics he will discuss with the administrative authorities are lengthy. Many topics will have to be on the menu of exchanges.

The US president's envoy is expected to discuss the management of the Cameroonian government's crisis in Cameroon, the measures taken so far to remedy it, the fight against Boko Haram in the northern regions, humanitarian operations carried out jointly on the country and the economic challenges facing Cameroon. As for sever…

New Music: Youm ft Kheopz- Prénoms

Youm is this young Cameroonian artist who is actively campaigning for the return to the roots of Africans, he is an Afro-centrist, who sings in Duala. He is a young African who has decided to awaken the consciences of Africans in general and Cameroonians in particular with his music.

He just released his new single titled "prénoms" in collaboration with Kheopz. In this new song, Youm asks Africans not to give the names of whites to their children as first names, for him, it is a real awakening of conscience so that Africans can go back to their roots and be attached to their culture.

The music was produced, mixed and mastered by Mu'utu. Click below to listen and enjoy:

New Music Video: Freshstyle-Tchotchohi

Sessua Entertainment presents TCHOTCHOHI, video of their artiste; FRESHSTYLE, it is an except of their EP titled 'NEXT STEP.'

It was produced by EKIE BOZEUR and the video was directed by SE PICTURES, featuring with the artist Ko -C.

Click below to watch and enjoy:

Urban Jamz Awards 2019 is around the corner!

Urban Jamz Awards is an honorary Award created by Valery Atia to recognise and appreciate entertainers who are putting in significant work in our Entertainment industry, specifically in Music.

This one would be the fourth edition of the Urban Jamz Awards, and the full list of nominees have been revealed. Swipe to see all.

The Award ceremony would take place on the 23rd of March 2019 at Salle Des Fêtes; Akwa(Douala), from 6PM.

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