Charity is something many youths find very challenging.  They believe that you need to be too wealthy in order to be able to reach out to the less privileged . But this is not the case with Wendy Metumah. A global citizen, agripreneur and a philanthropist who hails from Ngoketunjia Division. Passionate about talented humans and a lover of culture. She owns a foundation called the METUMAH FOUNDATION.

They train orphans on how to do stuff like jewelry from beads, recycling of stuff like earings with ankara designs and many more. METUMAH FOUNDATION is not out to to give out fish to orphans.  They rather believe that teaching these underprivileged persons how to catch will lead to a long term sustainability. That is the reason why, just like every charity organization, they started up by reaching out with food stuff but along the line,  discovered a better way to sustain orphans and the less privileged.

When Betatinz ask Wendy METUMAH to what extend she intended to take the foundation, s…

Ambe invokes emotions with new single titled 'Don't Go'

After the creation of his company; Dragon Boy Inc, Ambe implores a different sound, all to the listening pleasure of his fans.

This new single is titled 'Don't Go.' It was shot in South Africa by Award Winning Ace Music Video director; Mazi Ci Jizzle.

Ambe steps out of his comfort zone in Don't Go as he flows on an uptempo beat produced by O Magic.

Don't Go is a love ballad in which Ambe apologises to his love interest and urges her to give him another chance to make their love thrive.

In the video, Ambe, steps out of the story and plays the role of the narrator, meanwhile two dancers act out the story through dancing.

Don't Go is a perfect hit for the summer!

Click below to listen and enjoy:

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Congolese artiste; Big Tyger, releases new album titled 'Black Viking 2, Le Voyage'

After an irreproachable 2018, with the success of his album 'Black Viking 1' the Afro Dancehall Congolese singer; Big Tyger, delivers his new music video 'LOVE U' produced by Bob Mass, Maf Bob Mix and music video by Big Kloz.

With the participation of Congolese actress Imelda Maboueki, 'Love U' is the first official excerpt of his second album 'Black Viking 2, Le voyage' available since May 3, 2019, presented in Congo by a series of press conferences on the 3 major cities of the country.

Note that '' BV2 '' (acronym for the album) is the first international album of an urban artist living in Congo (Brazzaville). It has 20 tracks, 11 countries are included with the participation of artists such as: Stanley Enow (Cameroon), Dibi Dobo (Benin), Nix (Senegal), Nash (Ivory Coast), Smarty (Burkina Faso), Tris (Gabon ), Joe Gotto (RCA) and many others.

Focusing on the theme of travel, this album is an invitation to meet African cultures.   It i…

Syndy Emade gets another endorsement deal

Cameroonian actress and Entrepreneur; Syndy Emade, has just bagged another endorsement deal with luxurious liquor brand; Moet. She is the first celebrity to be a brand ambassador for Moet in Cameroon.

Moët, is a French fine winery and co-owner of the luxury goodscompany LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. Moët et Chandon is one of the world's largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house. Moët et Chandon was established in 1743 by Claude Moët, and today owns 1,190 hectares (2,900 acres) of vineyards, and annually produces approximately 28,000,000 bottles of champagne.

Congrats Tilla Tafari. The new chapter is ready

The media woke up to a post on Tilla Tafari's whatsapp status announcing that she is expecting a crown prince or a princess who will take over rap thrown when she is gone.  She flaunts her pregnancy pictures In red.  This is the start of another chapter in her life. So we say congrats and best wishes.  See pictures below

TRACE AFRICA withdrawn from Cameroon Cable?

If you no longer receive the TRACE AFRICA music channel for a few days in Cameroon on Cable, it would probably be the consequence of a tragedy that opposes the music channel DIGITAL BLACK MUSIC (DBM) to CANAL + AFRICA since March.

According to several reports, CANAL +, the French operator of satellite television has decided since March 2019 to withdraw from its bouquet the pan-African urban music channel, DBM TV, as early as June 2019.

In response, to what they consider to be an "unfair competition" on the part of TRACE, which would have an exclusive agreement with CANAL, Cable TV operators are, in turn, excluding TRACE AFRICA in Cameroon for the benefit of DBM. This confirms several viewers contacted by betatinz, who say they no longer receive TRACE AFRICA on their cable.

The case made loud noises for several weeks outside  Cameroon, particularly in Cote d'Ivoire and Benin. "Dear viewers, passionate about African music, we regret to announce that our only distribu…

Charlotte Dipanda joins the list of UNICEF goodwill ambassadors

Charlotte Dipanda joins Samuel Eto'o and Fabrice Ondoa, to become UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador to Cameroon. She is the first Cameroonian artiste to become UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador in Cameroon. She has promised to join UNICEF to relentlessly fight for children in Cameroon.Congratulations 🎊

Douala is home to this year's Miss and Mr Albino

The election of the most beautiful albino of Cameroon is back. It will take place this June 15 at Canal Olympia Douala.

The candidatures are closed and way is been given to the election. In the evening of Saturday, June 15, you will know who were chosen as the most beautiful albinos.

The election of Miss and Mr Albinos is a beauty contest that values albinism which is a genetic and hereditary anomaly that affects the pigmentation. You will discover the most beautiful faces. Only one date on June 15, one place Canal Olympia Douala, only one hour 19 hours.

I need love- Charlotte Dipanda

In Cameroon, Charlotte Dipanda is an artist who counts. A voice that lets itself be listened to and above all a beauty that allows itself to be appreciated. Naturally beautiful, it fuels the curiosity of men.

We know a lot more about the scenes she makes, her hits, her successes and other musical collaborations, but we know much less about her private life. So when she makes a statement of such a scope, it obviously attracts attention

"I need love" This is not the title of her next song, it's a statement from her Facebook page: "I need love right now. Who wants to give me? ". Says Charlotte

8 Young Cameroonians create a Mobile App called 'Help Yourself App' for Cameroonians in the South West, North West, and other Crisis zones to access medical care.

A dynamic group of 8 young Cameroonians recently launched a mobile application called 'HelpYourself' in response to the ongoing crisis in the North, North West, South West and East regions of Cameroon.

They realized that 1.5 million people are in need of emergency health assistance and so they decided to create a mobile app that will permit its users to talk to a certified medical doctor for FREE in case it was difficult or impossible for them to go to the hospital like during lock downs, ghost towns or in cases where hospitals around have been destroyed and families even fled into bushes.

How do you access the HY app?

The HelpYourself (HY) app as of now is available only for android and can be accessed on Google Playstore through this link or by just searching the name “HelpYourself” on Playstore; it’s the first app that appears.

How do you Use the app?

After downloading and installing the HY app, you will be required to fill in some prerequisite…

The Next Pan-African Star; Ricky Dollar, makes Music Debut!

From Selling Top Class "Human Hair" and Now He is making his music debut and Ain’t nothing stopping Ricky Dollar from this Journey!

The Ricky EMPIRE front liner – Ricky Dollar comes through with his career Debut self titled single “Ricky Dollar“.

‘Ricky Dollar‘is a tune that talks about money, success and love. While we enjoy this new fresh tune, we should Endeavor to follow him on all social Media Networks and stay up to date as he bless the fans with fresh contents.

The song was produced by Heavy weight producer, Sangtum. Click below to listen:

Ricky Dollar Had never planned to be an artist, though from a middle Class Family – He is a very hardworking young person who always had dreams of making much more money. He may be a popularly known business man known as Prince Fashion who sells and supply female Hairs ( “Human Hair”). But recently a chance decision changed everything.

Being a fan of Afropop Music especially drawing inspiration from Mr. Leo, Davido, Wizkid, Kikoh, …

Listen to Real Life by Gasha

Gasha keeps her lyrics so real. In this recent single, she emphases on family background and responsibilities as a first child.In African families, every first born has a lot to play. Younger once looking up to you, parents want you to set good examples and be independent to assist them. 
She talks about her siblings, the unpredictability of life and desire for a brighter future. ''This life gets e up and e down'' she cried. ''Thing way you want ohh na e that di go and thing way you no need am na e di came'' she sang.
This song paints a picture of the African dream. Every African child strives to be successful and make his /her parents proud.That dream to make it big in life and buy cars for your parents is something millennials in Africa aim for.
Produced by Dijaykarl

Chantal Travolta, Drops New Single Titled ''Bread Alone''

Upcoming 237 Music Sensation, Chantal Travolta, Drops New Love Single Titled Bread Alone

In this new visual, Chantal Travolta yearns for true love. The premise of this song depicts her desire for her longtime boyfriend who of recent decide to start acting up, giving her all sort of attitude. He couldn't reciprocate the love.
Love sometimes begins at first sight. The dump ass guy was insensitive to notice all the green lights portrayed by her majesty.
“Have you once been in a situation whereby you secretly admire someone and try to get his attention, showing him all the signs and he is still dumped to reason? Damm it!” she cried.
Chantal is an independent artist who aims not to top the chart at this moment but approaches her art with gratitude and much hope for perfection.
“Seeds of music and entertainment were planted at an early age while I frequented my Dad’s night club as a little girl,” she told us.
Chantal’s curiosity to make good music and her deep desire to pursue a career in m…

Socio-political crisis: the artists' solution for a way out of the crisis

Cameroonians receptive to this incessant desire for peace? It is still very difficult to answer this question. But if we look at the recent events in the northwest and southwest, it is clear that the decibels of reconciliation do not produce the effect hoped for by these singers of the peace. But the collective "Stand for peace" does not claim to be able to settle definitively the problems that cross Cameroon, according to the artists who make up this movement, it "is not to passively suffer the events, but to try to bring as a Cameroonian, his stone to the construction of a dynamic of reconciliation " According to our colleagues in Repères en Kiosque this Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the collective "Stand for peace" is an initiative of music producer Georges Williams Betoka. According to the latter it is a "response by artists to the problems facing Cameroon, including the Anglophone crisis and hate speech that are of worrying proportions in social ne…

Is his new age coming with a play on the long pause?

Sein Monty aka Mr Baller Man has been silent for a long time now. Many fans have been wondering what could be the reason for his silence, some impatient fans began saying he has left the industry. Others rumored that he is not yet as good as he thinks. Well the Baller man today celebrates another year on earth. And talking to couple of producers and stakeholders on the music sector, they revealed that Sein Monty has been paying them very frequent visits lately, and these visits they say could lead to a come back. No just a come back but a powerful one. With all these testimonies from producers, we would say with no fear or favour that, he is ready ones again to hit the stage. This time around, he is coming to stay.

Meanwhile, we say happy birthday Sein Monty aka Mr Baller Man. May your new age come with very good music. 

New Music: Tata Menthong feat Ashanex - Time to Shine

After the release of her latest single Candy from her latest album, Tata Menthong returns to the stage with a new lively music full of vigor for the delight of music lovers and her fans. Indeed the single time to shine in collaboration with Ashanex proves to be revealing of the immensity of the talent of KING DADA. A new melody with an identity style that reminds the public that it is there to shine in an environment where all the music and culture is almost black. Click below to watch:

New Music: Elisha K-You are enough

YOU ARE ENOUGH is inspired by an original song by Hillzy . This song is a gentle reminder of how important it is for you to love yourself. 
A lot of times you might feel like you are not worth it and don't appreciate your efforts , it's at these moments that you have always to remember that you are enough. You have to know what you want and who you are .
The lyric video features a female character who is heart broken and ridiculed but she gets the strength to move on by remembe ring that"YOU ARE ENOUGH AND YOU DESERVE LOVE".Video Credits : MANGIK STUDIOS.
Click below to watch:
ELISHA K is a Cameroonian urban pop artiste. He discovered his love for music at a very young age. He later developed this skill by playing the keyboard and being a lead vocal artist for his first band. …

Meet Cameroonian artiste; Gima!

Gima Jackson Kebila A.K.A Gima was born on the 7th February 1994 in Buea. He attended secondary and high school at G.H.S Batoke and G.B.H.S Bali. He later on went to PAID- WA in Buea where he was reading marketing and advertisement.

Though he could not complete his studies, his childhood dream was to become either a President, Minister, Bank manager or to do any other white collar job. Gima who is from a polygamous home grew up with his parents in Douala until they parted ways. He later on moved to Limbe with his dad.
Haven grown in a Christian home, his mum who was a member of English choir in P.C Bonamoussadi may her soul R.I.P always received acclamations when she sang in church.

Then, he realised that he could sing too. In 2005, him and his brother Bobga who is now a pastor, created a group called J.F. They did freestyle and had big dreams for the group. P-square were their idols so they followed their footsteps from dancing to singing. After doing ‘Nkonu Titi & Chekele,’ the…

The International Community applauds Cameroon's efforts in fighting Boko Haram.

The International Community applauds Cameroon's efforts in fighting against Boko Haram and separatists. Watch video:

Meet Mr Wilhelm Muhr, the German who is actively involved in promoting showbiz in Cameroon!

Mr. Wilhelm Muhr, is a German in his mid fifties, a husband to an African lady, and an entrepreneur. Due to his love for Cameroonian culture and lifestyle, he decided to create a record label called AfriCam Records International Limited. AfriCam Records International Limited is a registered music label that was created a few years back with head quarters in Limbe. It's aim is to promote show business in Cameroon and Africa. The label's activities are not limited to music alone. AfriCam also promotes, fashion, modeling and dance...everything that portrays the rich African culture that the youth enjoy so much. AfriCam has sponsored showbiz events like the Cocowols International Fashion Festival, and FIAFA. They just released the video of a song titled 'Killer With' featuring Magasco. Watch:

Fotso Victor pledges 1 Billion frs!

After employing thousands of Cameroonians via his multiple businesses, building homes for government administrators, creating a higher institute of education(Fotso Victor University Institute of Technology Bandjoun-University of Dschang), and fulfilling other serviceable acts to the country, one of the richest business men in Cameroon; Fotso Victor, pledges to contribute 1 Billion frs for the construction of a cathedral in Bafoussam.  The cathedral is already in construction and it's cost was evaluated at 6 Billion frs. On Saturday May 11th, Fotso Victor promised to contribute 1 Billion frs to it's construction within a span of 2months

New Music: Melcube - Somtin ft Paa Kwasi (Cameroon – Ghana Collaboration)

Rapper Melcubeis on to greater things these days ahead. When was the last time we heard of a Cameroonian-Ghanian Collaboration?. Yup, the "Ovasabi" crooner features one of Ghana's music hot act - Paa Kwasi in a new jam titled - Somtin.  “Somtin” is a song about the African woman, her beauty and voluptuous body. Produced by MorningStar, the afrobeats/highlife track was written in Twi, Pidgin and English by Ghanaian artist Paa Kwasi and Cameroonian rapper/producer Melcube. In the single the artists express their love for the African woman, her beauty, body and swag. They both express that she has got "Somtin" they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with, protect and die for on a high tempo beat that is sure to have you on your feet and dancing. Released under the Cameroonian label Mic Maniacs Music Group, “Somtin” is the first official single off the upcoming album from the artist Melcube who also doubles as the producer “MorningStar

There not much of h…